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Anonymous asked: Did you save up money to buy Juno that bag?


Anonymous asked: How much do you get for allowances?

Uhhh whatever I need in a week or in a month to survive this college life haha

Anonymous asked: Have you ever had a job before?

Internships ya

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Anonymous asked: How often do you study?

Usually a day or two before an exam!

Anonymous asked: Cuz you constantly get such extravagant gifts from them!

From my parents? Haha yesss, they spoil me with not only love but also lots of presents =)

Anonymous asked: What is one bag that you bought with your own money

My red YSL haha

Anonymous asked: do you think about joey

You know I actually do sometimes, but more so in the way that I miss having him as a friend in my life….we don’t talk anymore haha.

Anonymous asked: You have such a good life! How do you do that? Balance social life with love life with school... Despite how you cut class sometimes you still do good on the tests and stuff and you're graduating early. How do you do that? Do you dedicate study time and stuff?

Thank you, I really appreciate that haha! I’m actually someone who really enjoys school and is driven by it, despite the fact that I’m hardly ever in class. I purposely choose days where I know for sure that I’m not doing anything important in class to ditch so I don’t miss out on much material, so that’s how that works. I also manage my time very well, and I think that’s key to doing well both academically and socially. If you can do that, like plan out what you’re going to do each day and each week (sometimes I even plan my things out down to the hour LOL), you’ll definitely be on the right track and you’ll find that it’s a lot easier to balance your school work and social life when you have a schedule in front of you. Your most important priorities first, then fun, then the lamer priorities, haha! 

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